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How is the Housing Market in Stratford-upon-Avon Looking at the End of 2019?

The housing market is always in constant flux and it’s affected by many factors like political, financial and buyer confidence. Clearly this year and last month (October) have been interesting with Brexit ‘will we or won’t we?’ hanging over us all. This has affected the Stratford-upon-Avon housing market and although it remained reasonably sound in […]

Selling Your House in Stratford-upon-Avon? Here’s the Fastest Selling Housing Bracket

Moving home or buying a new one can be a stressful time. They say it’s one of the most stressful things you’ll do. We like to bring that stress down a little and make it easier for you, but there are areas of your house move that sadly we can’t control. One of those areas […]

Edwards - Are there too many properties in Stratford-upon-Avon

There’s no denying that we’re in a growth stage for housing in the UK. Everywhere you look, more and more houses are being built and the Stratford-upon-Avon district is no different. We do need the housing according to the housing planners and there’s some really interesting data on the number of people per square mile […]

Stratford-upon-Avon House Prices Go Up 4.6% in 2019

Whether you’re a homeowner or landlord, the housing market and house prices will affect you, so it pays to keep an eye on movements, especially with the looming changes around Brexit. Being a Buy-to-Let landlord is certainly a balancing act. Having spoken to many Stratford-upon-Avon landlords this year, they seem very aware that their tenants’ […]

How Has Brexit Affected Stratford-upon-Avon Properties in 2019?

Brexit, whilst still undecided at the time of writing this, has had a large impact on almost every single industry in some way or another. The housing market is often seen as the safest place to invest, but it is one that can go up and down quite quickly. Has Brexit affected the property in […]


As with any change in the world, there will be winners and losers. Property is no different. As some big names go under and blame Brexit and others seem to thrive, is now the time to capitalise on the property market locally? With over 40% of Stratford properties sold in the past year, it’s a […]

Nothing Compare.. to you

October 7th, 2019
Categories: How to, Residential Sales

When considering the value of a property prior to putting it on the market, many vendors understandably look at the asking price of other properties currently on the market locally, and draw pricing conclusions based on this research.   Whilst this is not an unreasonable way of determining value, there are some traps for which […]

How to turn the ‘C’ word into a positive, when it comes to moving Many people whose property is on the market now would ideally like to move by Christmas, yet only those who are prepared to price realistically to reflect the current market are likely to be successful.     Buyers who are currently […]

Home Staging Tips

September 30th, 2019
Categories: News

  Home Staging     Once again Edwards Estate Agents is taking estate agency to new levels of service with our property staging service, which provides a styling service for sellers in the Stratford upon Avon area.   This is a free service when you instruct us sell your property, whereby an independent professional property stylist will […]

“How Many Should We See?”

September 27th, 2019
Categories: How to, Residential Sales

  When looking for a property, it is natural to want to see as many as possible before making the "right" choice and common sense dictates that you should view a handful of alternatives before buying.   Our job as professional estate agents is to help you arrive at a decision that’s right for you, […]


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