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Top tips on how to speed up your house sale

Moving house can be a daunting at the best of times, a major factor are all the forms you have to complete!

Once you have accepted an offer your chosen solicitor will ask you to fill in two very lengthy forms, which are compulsory to complete – sadly.!

• Fixture & Fittings Form (known as a TA10)
• Property Information Questionnaire (known as a TA6)

Both of these forms are accepted by ALL solicitors so don’t worry that you’ll have to fill them in more than once.

We know that when you accept an offer on your home you want to do exciting things like pick new furniture, kitchens, fall out over the massive 100 inch TV that your partner keeps trying to convince you WILL fit!

Essentially,  you don’t want to take the gloss off this excitement by having to sit at home and fill out these forms – trust me we’ve done it plenty of times. There’s a better way, get yourself ahead of the game by filling in the forms either before you go on the market or soon after but definately before you agree a sale.

Being helpful like we are, below you will find links to both forms that you can fill in online can save onto your computer. Then, when you accept an offer you can just send them to your chosen solicitor.

TOP TIP- Don’t date the forms until you have an offer accepted.

Click on the buttons below to start filling in your forms.



PS – there are some complicated questions on the form. If you need any help completing these give us a call on 01789 414222 or email info@movewithedwards.co.uk


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